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Importers - United States

Vanberg and Dewulf Go to this URL
The Vanberg and Dewulf web site is a great place to start when looking for information about Belgian culture, food, and, yes, beer.
B. United Importers Go to this URL
One of the most prolific importers of the obscure beers from all points of the globe. We are lucky enough in Pennsylvania to get most of thier portfolio, even if you do not see it on our site e-mail us to check availablity.
Global Beer Network Go to this URL
The owners Johnny and Claudine are among my favorite people in the beer business. They are native Belgians now living in California and have lost none of their native customs. They also represent one of my favorite breweries, Van Steenberge which makes Piraat, Gulden Draak and many more delicious beers.
Legends Ltd Go to this URL
They import beer from the British Isles, many with Historical stories tied in to their production.
Merchant du Vin Go to this URL
Merchant du Vin was founded the company in 1978 by Charles Finkel who first established in the wine trade. They pride themselves in searching out some of the finest brews in the world and bringing them into the US for our pleasure.
Phoenix Importers Go to this URL
Phoenix imports beers from Belgium, England and Scotland.
Edelweiss Importers Go to this URL
Importers of Tucher from Germany.
Eurobrews Go to this URL
Eurobrews imports quite a few unique products that have great packaging that catches your eye, then has great beer inside to back it up. It's lineup includes the Wychwood Brewery with it's eye catching labels, St Peters with its flask like bottles and the Black Sheep Brewery. Additionally the import a nice cider from France, Clos Normand.
Star Brand Imports Go to this URL
The specialty arm of Heineken. The have beers from almost every part of western Europe. Fischer ( France ), Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr ( Germany ), Moretti ( Italy ), Murphy's ( Ireland ) and Affligem( Belgium ).
Artisanal Importers Go to this URL
Artisanal imports some of my favorites from Belgium: Kwak, Triple Karmeliet and the Urthel Beers. Old Growler Porter from Britain and a line of beers from the Neuzeller Monastery in Germany my palate has not had the pleasure of tasting yet . . .
Total Beverage Solution Go to this URL
Total Beverage Solution imports beers from England and Scotland. It's English Portfolio includes Old Speckled Hen and Ruddles and Belhaven from Scotland.
Amtec Go to this URL
Don't laugh, the Polish make some pretty tasty brews
D & V International Go to this URL
D & V International is a importer of specialty beer from Belgium, Holland and France.
Gambrinus Go to this URL
Named for the King of Beer ( Gambrinus, not Bud ), thier claim to fame is they are the importers of Corona for the eastern US. They also import Moosehead and own Shiner, Bridgeport and Pete's breweries.
Stawski Distributing Go to this URL
Importer of beer, wine and spirits, mainly form Eastern Europe. Great website.
Weinbauer Importers Go to this URL
Importers of beers from the Federation Brewery located in Gateshead ( Great Britian )
World Class Beer Imports Go to this URL
Importers of over 30 different beers from Belgium, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, France, Holland and Wales.
Wetten Importers Go to this URL
Importer of some hefty beers from Belgium and Austria.
Shelton Brothers Go to this URL
Dan Shelton is one of the most prolific Importers of beers in the United States.  With over 30 breweries represented in his portfolio, with many truly "beer geek" beers.