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May 22, 2015 - Brewbound Breaks Down Brewers Association’s Top 50 List
BREWBOUND (David Eisenberg)
The final numbers are in. After announcing the top 50 craft breweries in March, the Brewers Association today released its 2014 sales figures, painting a much more definitive picture of last year’s winners and losers.

But first, some quick perspective on the influence this roster has on the overall landscape: Of the total nation wide output of more than 22 million craft barrels, 68 percent (or more than 15 million barrels) came from the top 50. Even of that volume, more than 8 million barrels came from the top five players, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Boston Beer Co., Sierra Nevada Brewing, New Belgium Brewing, and Gambrinus.

Much, much more.

May 22, 2015 - Heavy Seas and Yards Collaborate on Beer for Annual SAVOR Event
Heavy Seas Beer is excited to announce a collaboration beer with Yards Brewing Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philtimore, an English-style pale ale, will be brewed at the Heavy Seas brewery in Baltimore, Maryland for SAVOR: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience happening on June 5th and 6th in Washington, DC.

Every SAVOR attendee will receive a bottle of Philtimore as they exit the event. A very limited amount of this beer will also be released after SAVOR in bottles and on draft.

According to Heavy Seas Brewmaster, Christopher Leonard, "I've known Yards’ Founder Tom Kehoe and Head Brewer Tim Roberts, for almost twenty years. I have always enjoyed their beer. The first cask ale I ever had was a Yard's ESA at the Artful Dodger in Philly back in 1994. It helped inspire me to become a professional brewer. When I moved back to Pennsylvania from San Diego in 1999, Tim's beer at Dock Street and then Independence was as good, if not better, than anyone else's in town. So getting to collaborate on a beer with them is very exciting for me personally.

For Heavy Seas, it is an incredible opportunity to work with a similarly sized brewery for which we have tremendous respect. Both breweries have strong ties to British brewing traditions, so it's a natural fit. The beer we are developing will draw on those influences while employing some American twists. It will be a Pale Ale, approximately 5.5% ABV, brewed with British malt and an English yeast strain, aged with some type of oak spirals in the fermenter and/or bright tank. It will almost certainly be partially or even exclusively hopped with American varieties.” According to Brewers Association Executive Chef Adam Dulye, “Philtimore, a collaboration by Heavy Seas and Yards Brewing, is an English-style pale ale aged with oak that uses Bravo American hops and a fruity English yeast. Both these ingredients will pop on the palate with the simple addition of some gentle salt from many food dishes. Look for cured meats such as prosciutto or coppa to bring out some of the earthy notes. For those wanting to explore the soft fruit yeast notes of apple and pear, look to grains such as farro with grilled pheasant, quail or chicken.” He also suggests a quick two course lunch with Philtimore: Brie and apples on toast with honey and thyme, and grilled quail with farro, English peas and pickled mushrooms.

Heavy Seas will also serve two limited release beers at SAVOR including Double Cannon, a Double IPA, and Blackbeard’s Breakfast, an Imperial Coffee Porter.

May 19, 2015 - Lehigh Valley Beer Week Homebrew Competition & Festival
Lehigh Valley Beer Week is happy to announce that our 3rd Annual "Be Our Brewer for a Day Homebrew Competition & Festival" is scheduled for Saturday, August 15th at the Allentown Brew Works from 3pm to 6pm.

We are presently accepting Homebrewer's applications (attached) until June 23rd. If you are not a homebrewer but know someone who is, please feel free to pass this along to them.

The winning Homebrewer will become LVBW's 'Brewer for a Day" and get to brew the winning libation to be the official beer of Lehigh Valley Beer Week 2016 alongside the brewery staff at Fegley's Brew Works in Allentown. Capping off their experience with a complimentary meal, memorabilia and beer tasting session at the Allentown Brew Works.

Festival attendees will vote for the winning beer. Tickets are on sale now online.

May 18, 2015 - USA Today: Lower-alcohol Beers in Session for IPA Lovers
Hop heads have a growing list of lower-alcohol options when they are craving a hit of flavor.

Nearly every major craft brewer now offers a session India Pale Ale that strives to deliver juicy hop aroma and flavor, but at often less than 5% alcohol by volume.

Session beers aren't new, but they seem to gaining in popularity, based on the shelf space they are earning in stores. Lew Bryson has been tracking them on The Session Beer Project blog since 2009. His definition of a session beer -- supported by Joshua Bernstein, author of The Complete Beer Course and Brewed Awakening -- is that the beer weigh in at 4.5% ABV or less, be flavorful and interesting enough to have more than one pint and be reasonably-priced.

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May 13, 2015 - Flood of Craft Deals Forthcoming
Here’s a bold prediction: 25 craft brewery transactions in the next 12 months.

At least, that’s what Bill Anderson, the founder and CEO of investment and advisory firm First Beverage Group, believes is the inevitable short-term future for craft.

Speaking to a room full of brewery executives, distributors and investment bankers who attended yesterday’s Beer Marketer’s Insights conference in Chicago, Anderson characterized craft beer as the “hottest category in CPG (consumer packaged goods)” and confidently stated that the pace of craft deals is about to pick up.

“I think there could easily be 25 more transactions in the next 12 to 15 months,” he said, adding that attractive multiples coupled with a growing pool of interested buyers and investors has led to “a huge acceleration of brewers” looking more seriously at the both exits and capital infusions from private equity firms, family offices and strategics alike.

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