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November 14, 2006 - Triumph Brewing's Philadelphia Pub Now Scheduled For January 2007 Opening
Triumph Brewing Company will move 12 15bbl serving tanks into the basement of its new Philadelphia location on Thursday, November 16. This is the first equipment to go into the site at 117-121 Chestnut Street, which is now scheduled to open in late January 2007.

"We're shooting for somewhere between the 15th and the 20th, but I have to get a bunch of beer brewed before Christmas to make it happen," Triumph's director of brewing operations Jay Misson told the Beer Yard in an interview this afternoon.

The 15bbl brewery and six fermenters will go into place next Monday and Tuesday, Misson added. "The space is very tight for the size brewery we're putting in," he said, "so it's a difficult process and there's been a lot of improvisation. The place is going to be gorgeous when we're done. I was just there this morning and they've put the tile on the brewhouse and are doing the floors in the basement. All of our pubs are distinctive and have a feel of their own and he Philadelphia one, has more of an industrial '70s motif to it, with some brick and metal involved."

Triumph New Hope brewer Patrick Jones will move into the Philadelphia location when it opens; Brendan Anderson will succeed him in New Hope.

Misson also said that Triumph's new Red Bank, NJ, location is "moving right along. We've gone through all our approvals, which is a large step forward." That pub is expected to open in 2008, "maybe late 2007 if things go really well." Right now, though, the focus is on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.

"We'll start loading in the tanks at 7:30am on Thursday," Misson said. "Anybody who's inclined to give us a hand is welcome and I'll supply the beer afterwards."--JACK CURTIN