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March 22, 2007 - Heavyweight Duo Plan To Open Their Promised Pub In New York
Tom Baker and Peggy Zwerver, late of Heavyweight Brewing in New Jersey, expect to resurface in Nyack, NY later this year. "We've found a location and are working on a lease," Baker told The Beer Yard last night.

The duo assured heart-broken fans that they would open a brewpub somewhere in the region when they announced that Heavyweight was going out of business. Most people expected that to happen in Pennsylvania but they were unable to find a suitable location, Bake said.

Baker also said that their new operation, if everything works out, will follow the original concept they announced last summer: a brewpub cum beer bar with a very basic menu and a focus on natural local ingredients and a "green" approach. "It will similar to Paul Sayler's American Flatbread Burlington Hearth in Vermont," he explained, "Although the basic idea is close, we won't be doing the same thing. And they've been very supportive and a big help in helping us figure it all out."

Baker intends to brew "four or five" house beers and also feature "10 or 12 craft and high-end imports at the bar, and also serve local wines, but no spirits. The beers will be mostly draught but a few select bottles may eventually be added. The menu will center around pizza and salads, plus some cheese and bread pairings. "And dessert," he laughed, "we will definitely have desserts."

Nyack appears to be an excellent fit for the concept. The village is located 25 miles north of New York City (20 minutes northwest of the George Washington Bridge) in Rockland County, famed for its small town charm, historic Victorian homes, antiques and fine dining. There is no place in town featuring the sort of broad-based craft beer lineup he plans, Baker noted, "and I think there will be substantial market for what we will have to offer. We hope to blow their socks off."

While a name for the new enterprise has been selected, Baker has chosen not to make it public "until we have it registered, a lease signed and our plans firmed up." At that time, he promised, he will reveal all to The Beer Yard.--JACK CURTIN