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July 03, 2007 - Weyerbacher Twelve, A Rye BarleyWine, To Ship Next Week
"Could it really be that Weyerbacher has gone where no brewer has gone before?" asked Dan Weirback early this morning, which means, of course, that he believes the answer is "yes."

He may be right.

In an exclusive interview with The Beer Yard, Weirback revealed that Weyerbacher Twelve, the Easton brewery's annual anniversary brew, is a Rye Barleywine with 50 percent of the mash being rye rather than the ten to 12 percent common to rye beers.

"Twelve is anything but ordinary," he said proudly. "Its been a real bitch to run-off and constantly gives us a stuck mash, but intelligence and perseverance have paid off. From the not so subtle tanginess the rye imparts, to the incredibly viscous body---it is perhaps the most viscous beer ever--to bubble-play and head retention that must be seen to be believed."

The anniversary brew, which will ship next week (12oz in Pennsylvania, 22oz in New Jersey, sixtels only for draught) is golden in color, "something of a surprise for a beer this rich in body," said Weirback.--JACK CURTIN